GEL-Cumulus 20 – An Independent Guest Review

The Cumulus 20 is a new generation version. The traditionally neutral shoe is responding to the needs of modern sports enthusiasts. Consumers today are wealthier, healthy and live longer. We have access to information and we want quality as well as versatility. The Cumulus 20 is both a serious training shoe for fit or high quality runners’, as well as a secondary speed shoe for serious recreationalists.

The feel at contact is more firm and responsive than of its predecessor and gives an immediate effect of running in a race shoe. It however has far more cushion at impact and rearfoot support than that of a race shoe. It decelerates and deforms landing impact forces smoothly. The heel feels supported, contained and comfortable, regardless of landing surface or speed. This is a result of a number of coordinated features in the rear part of the shoe. The internal heel counter is a moulded form with shear resistant fabric surround. It wraps the heel thoroughly and contains rear movement transversely within the shoe. The responsive and durable FlyteFoam midsole underfoot deforms succinctly at strike whilst the rearfoot GEL gives heightened cushioning at immediate strike zone. Medially the FlyteFoam is larger in surface area and improves resistance to pronation at early midstance.

Midstance is a phase that relies on the foot being fairly efficient at. The midsole surface area is substantial under the arch. It isn’t cut away. This increased density gives stiffness and resistance to frontal deformation. There is no need for an external Trusstic in this shoe as the shoe doesn’t support a runner who can’t transition easily through midstance. There is though, a definitive Guidance line that encourages forward movement straight down the centre of the midfoot. It deforms and channels flow of energy along its path. The medial outsole is substantial, giving structural impact and a proportion of pronation resistance.

Propulsive feel in Cumulus 20 can be described as bounding. There is great rebound in the forefoot midsole (Propel Flytfoam) that doesn’t compress easily with age and doesn’t ever feel dull. There is infused GEL under the 1st metatarsal to give sesamoid and metatarsal head comfort and protection against high density surfaces like tarmac and concrete. The upper is technical yet simple to look at. There are no double stitched overlays to give a cumbersome feel, but there are heat pressed reinforces around the upper midfoot to reinforce proprioceptive support. The toe vamp is deep, has sagittal stretch but strong lateral stiffness. It is unlikely to bag or distort.

The GEL-Cumulus 20 is a shoe to train in regularly if you are fit and classed as efficient. It appears as a leisure, simple trainer but on wearing it – the feel is highly cushioned, secure and responsive. It can handle large impact, large mileage, and high speed. It is truly an exciting shoe to wear.

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