Asics Gel DS Trainer 24 Review

ASICS GEL DS Trainer 24

Our Podiatrist Parisa made the most of the long weekend by testing out the ASICS GEL-DS Trainer 24 by roaming 4 hours off the beaten tracks of the Rimutaka Forest Park and The Orongorongo River Trail.

The GEL DS trainers were immediately comfortable to put on, the mesh top cover felt secure and accommodative. My foot has an overactive extensor hallucis longus muscle, which is means I can often rub the top of shoes with my big toe and am aware of the mesh, but with the GEL-DS trainers I noticed good flexibility and durability. The forefoot of the shoes also has grooves on the underside to help with forward progression and encourage propulsion.

I have a foot that is hypermobile (excessively flexible) and prone to ankle instability which means I can often twist my ankles on uneven terrains. The Rimutaka Forest Park terrain is undulating and cambered (banked). The ASICS GEL-DS trainer has good torsional stability which means the centre of the shoe and the heel counter is strong and helps reduce the tendency of my foot to roll outwards and inwards. 

The shoes felt very comfortable, secure and cushioned. I didn’t feel unstable in these shoes and I was able to enjoy and soak in the dense air of the forest, listen to the stream and rivers and feel very present. Good shoes=happy Podiatrist!!

Thanks AsicsNZ for giving us the opportunity to try out some great technical models!

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