Asics Gel Nimbus 21 Review – By Megan

As a long-time runner, I have had my fair share of running in Asics shoes. I have previously used the Nimbus for training and running the Auckland Marathon in 2012. 

Asics Nimbus in Feilding
Resonance Podiatrist Megan McPherson took the new Asics Nimbus for a spin around Feilding.

My first impression of the Nimbus 21 was the snug fit around my foot and ankle. The plush upper was comfortable and warm for the cooling temperatures, and I had little slippage in the shoe with walking due to the support around the midfoot. I’ve had trouble in the past with wobbly ankles, so having a stable but neutral shoe has been important for me. 

I’ve been using this shoe for my 15-minute commute to and from work each day. It is light and responsive and offers superb cushioning under the entire foot. After a few 5 km road runs, I’ve found the cushioning to be comfortable for running on hard surfaces and footpaths. The design of the shoe is made to last the distance and for high impact activities.

What impressed me most with this shoe is the built-in stability with full ground contact on the lateral midfoot. This was driven home after using the Nimbus at the gym and doing a range of balance exercises and walking lunges. I would usually need to catch myself from my ankles rolling, however the shoe created a stable platform and I felt balanced and comfortable in my movements. 

I would recommend this shoe for someone who wants a durable, cushioned running shoe for long road distances such as a half or full marathon. The stability in the shoe is great for people who have wobbly ankles or who have had ankle sprains in the past. The shoe is neutral with a removable sockliner, so this shoe would also work well with an orthotic if needed. 

I have found this shoe comfortable for a range of activities and am looking forward to longer runs with the Nimbus.

Review by Resonance Podiatrist Megan McPherson.

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