Footwear Science

  • <span>Footwear physics</span>

Foot coverings have enabled humans to survive extremes of climate and terrain; they have protected our health; improved our safety; made us faster; helped us climb mountains, traverse deserts and run ultra-marathons.
Footwear continues to leave its mark on fashion, and is the topic of much heated debate across the globe.

Research has shown that poor footwear choices are a key factor in young females not participating in sport, as well as footwear being implicated in injury, disability, pain and dysfunction. Sadly, this awareness and understanding is lacking in the general population, who are oftentimes more concerned about fashion or the latest fad, when it comes to what they put on their feet.
We could argue that footwear is not clothing but indeed an orthopaedic appliance that affects function, proprioception, balance and comfort.