Measure and Fit

Have your shoes fitted every time you need new ones because:

1. Feet change shape as we get older, often becoming longer and wider.

2. Feet also lose some of the fatty padding on the soles as we get older meaning that we may need a shoe which provides more cushioning.

3. Feet often change size with an increase and decrease in body weight.

4. Feet may change size due to weather conditions; becoming larger in hot weather making a new shoe feel too tight (remember that your old shoe will have stretched somewhat).

5. Likewise feet change size during the course of the day, so make sure that you have your shoes fitted in the afternoon.

6. Feet can progressively change due to some medical conditions such as arthritis and diabetes so it is important to have your shoes professionally fitted each time you require new ones.

7. Foot function can change following injury resulting in the need for a shoe with different technical and support features.

8. We often change the type and amount of our activity and your Shoe Clinic technician is the best person to advise you on the right model, features and size for your needs.

9. Simply replacing a current model with a new model can be tricky; the shoe brands will from time to time make technical changes to a model meaning that a different model may be more appropriate for your needs.

10. Last but not least; children’s’ feet should ALWAYS be properly measured prior to buying a new pair of shoes AND room needs to be allowed for growth.