Foot morphology is essentially the shape of an individuals foot.

Foot shape, dimensions, and acquired deformity means that no two feet are the same. Variances due to gender, ethnicity and age mean that the seemingly simple act of fitting a foot to a shoe, is a minefield of complexities. Not only do we need to ensure we have the best possible shoe fit, we also have to consider the suitability of the footwear for the activity is is to be used for…..and that’s before we have the customers critical preferences of cut, colour and fashion!




Foot morphology has received increasing attention from both biomechanics researches and footwear manufacturers. Usually, the morphology of the foot is quantified by 2D footprints. However, footprint quantification ignores the foot’s vertical dimension and hence, does not allow accurate quantification of complex 3D foot shape.

Three-dimensional quantitative analysis of healthy foot shape: a proof of concept study
Kristina Stanković
Brian G. Booth, Femke Danckaers, Fien Burg, Philippe Vermaelen, Saartje Duerinck, Jan Sijbers and Toon Huysmans
Journal of Foot and Ankle Research201811:8 © The Author(s) 2018