Orthoses and Footwear

Foot orthoses are prescribed customised inserts that are worn in your shoes to aid in the management of biomechanical imbalances, to improve function and reduce pain.

Orthotics are manufactured using a range of techniques and materials in order to provide support for the foot by distributing pressure or realigning foot joints while standing, walking or running. As such they are often used by both the general population as well as athletes to relieve symptoms of a variety of soft tissue and musculoskeletal conditions.


Foot orthoses and footwear

When it comes to prescribing the right orthoses for the right pair of shoes it comes down to several key factors.

On one side, we have the patient:

  • The pathology – what is the presentation or diagnosis?
  • The activity – what do they need to be doing, for their, job, their sport, their lifestyle. And what footwear are they doing it in?
  • The dysfunction- what are the causative factors? – biomechanical, functional or activity intensity?
  • And the patient’s personal choice or restrictions around footwear- are there any limitations that will affect the choices of an optimal footwear-orthosis solution?

And on the other side, the management plan:

  • What orthosis solution is best for the patient’s pathology, pain or dysfunction?
  • What footwear is best for the patient’s pathology, pain or dysfunction?
  • Do the patient’s existing shoes provide an optimal base for the orthoses or are different footwear feature required?
  • OR/ are multiple footwear/orthoses solutions required?

The SHOE – ORTHOSIS – FOOT interface is the foundation which, when done well, can optimise function, relieve pain and improve quality of life for all our patients.


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