Resonance Clinical

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Resonance Clinical is my personal voice, gathered over decades of clinical experience.

My goal is to challenge, question and to hopefully inspire thought, to grow confidence, to develop understanding and to promote excellence in patient care. I sincerly hope that you enjoy the journey, and return regularly for updates – Lisa


#redefining why

This book is not a book of methods, it is a book of ideas. It is a journal, an exploration, a quest. It is my, and others, personal voice and experience.


#redefining art

Everything centres on the patient. The theory, the science, the research are nothing; have no meaning, without the patient and their pain, injury or dysfunction.


#redefining choice

Patients make the ultimate choice on their treatment and management. Choices can only be made with knowledge.



#redefining theory

Despite all if the academic theory and rhetoric, most of us at the coal face are here for one thing- to help our patients achieve thir goals, pain free and fully functional.


#redefining team

Working with and as a team has been shown to increase, knowledge, output and problem solving skills of the whole team.


#redefining data

We are in a data rich world where so much can be measured, and the data provides a deep, dense forest of information that can make it difficult to see the wood from the trees, let alone disseminate what data is relevant and useful.